Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tiny Nest

With spring just around the corner all things new and fresh are on my mind. The new leaves on the trees, the daffodils lining the walkways, the robins turning their heads to listen for the noisiest worms.  All these things we look forward to each year.  This year I could help but hurry up spring just a little by creating the sweetest signs of springs which are bird nest.

These tiny nest are my latest creations.  Made from wire, pearls or beads.  Turned into jewelry with a pin back or earring hoop.  A sure sign of the wonderful things to come.

Friday, February 24, 2012


Think Spring

Nothing speaks spring better than a bird nest.  When walking this morning through the neighborhood, I noticed many trees with the tiniest of blooms. Just waiting to burst into the world and welcome spring with their bright greens.  But as I looked through the many trees that I passed, I again noticed the empty bird nests left over from last spring and summer.  I have enjoyed these nest in the dreary months of cold weather.  They are a constant reminder of what is to come but also a reminder that things are always changing.  It may be the weather, or seasons or it could be the home that you are living in.  Whatever the changes that you are going through, remember the bird nest.  Always visible when things may be dark and dreary but a small reminder that with every winter comes spring and better days ahead.