Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Change can sometimes be scary.  The unknown, the uncharted, the future.  But Change can also be exciting. Shabby Lane Antiques is changing.  We has re-evaluated our business plan and have decided to go on with our business in a completely different direction.  We will still be finding the most incredible items, we will still have great ideas for you and your home.  We will still be repurposing and painting and reworking old and unusable items into wonderful ecclectic art, furniture and more.
 Running an antique business from a shop front has had its limitations for me.  Being in the shop 6 days a week has limited me to finding cool stuff and doing all the creative stuff that I love to do.  I have decided to rent a Storage Room in a Storage Facility.  From there, I will be sending out emails, posting on Facebook and Craigslist inviting my customers to monthly "Events".  I will be opening one Friday and Saturday in the month.  My Storage Room will be set up just like a shop.  Only without the overhead.  I will be opening my shop once a month with tons of new and different.  I will  be having one of a kind objects.  And so much more.

I will also be able to make appointments for those of you who see something I have posted and meet with you in the shop when you see something that I have posted.

So stay tuned.  Shabby Lane is changing.  But we are changing for the good.  We are excited to see what the future holds for us all.