Tuesday, February 15, 2011

27 Dresses

27 Dresses
This past year before my middle child was turning 16, she came to me one night, notebook in hand, to discuss her Sweet 16 Birthday Party. Quite a shock to me since I still view her as 6. And quite frankly believed that Jesus would come back before I had to face the fact that any of my children would drive. Anyway, she sat down on my bed and said she wanted to have a themed party but wanted for me to help her out with a theme. She had come up with several ideas. Several of those ideas were good, but not different. Not something that had never been done before or would be something fun and exciting. Also, challenging was the fact that I had little or no money. So, after several days of contemplating and going through party books and the internet we found nothing. Then, somehow, it hit me. 27 Dresses. Don’t know if any of you remember the movie where she was a bridesmaid 27 times. The idea was a hit.
So we sent out 27 invitations. The invitations stated that the dress could not be new and could not be something that they had worn before. She especially liked that idea because, like me she if very cost conscious and did not want parents to view this party as a big expense. (Thoughts like, OH NO, another expensive party to go to)
Well as you might imagine, the party was a hit. A picture was taken as each of the girls arrived. Each dress, was adorable. And surprisingly, each girl had followed directions. At the beginning of the party each girl had to reveal where they got their dresses. Many had borrowed the dress but over half had found their dress in a thrift store like GoodWill. And each of these girls was amazed that their dress had only cost a few dollars and most stated how much fun it had been to go out with their mom to find the dress.
And so, my hidden a agenda was a success. As an owner of an antique store, I am quite aware of the stigma that might go along with only having things that are old and used.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where do I begin

Being a crafter, designer, antique dealer, builder, jewelry maker, seamstress, painter, shopper, decorator, gardener, writer, mom, daughter, sister and friend is just the beginning of who I am.  From this day forward in addition to all those things I hope to be a successful blogger.  My sweet friend Teri from ArtfulAffirmations.blogspon.com was kind enough to have me over to her home for tea and sweets to help me build this blog. And I appreciate that so.  Thank you so much, Teri.  To tell the truth, I came into this fighting tooth and nail because I already have so much on my plate.  But Friends and Technology keep telling me that this is something I need to do for my business and for myself.  I have just begun writing short (very Short) stories and really enjoy it.  I have a story to tell and look forward to sharing my story with my blogger friends.  I hope to share my creative side, my spiritual side, my joyful side and my business side along with a few others.  I want to share the gifts that God has given me and hope to do that here on my blog.  So, with that said.....here goes

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bling on Burlap

Steam Punked Shadow Box

Decorated bottles

Paris or bust!!!

SweetPeas Bag

Crystal Totems

Where My Creativity Began

Many people ask me how did I get so creative. When asked that question I never know quite how to answer. All I know is that I have had this gift for as long as I could remember. I remember my mom letting me get out of washing the dishes after meals so that I could go to my room and work on my projects. My favorite things have always been miniatures. I vividly remember a bedroom I made in a shoebox. The carpet was green velvet. The bed made out of a small cardboard jewelry box. Little stool for my vanity made out of a toothpaste top with a little of the green velvet on top. Squares cut out of the box for windows and curtains made on toothpicks as curtain rods. I can’t remember if it was a school project or just one of my many projects. I kept that shoe box for many years.
I worked on many projects like that. All my projects have not been as memorable but each has helped me to develop my creativity. Each step I have taken to make, create and deliver has been a step toward what I am today. Through my journey of creativity I have realized this one thing. I have been giving this gift by God. He created my stumpy little fingers not to have manicures but to paint, hammer, sew and whatever else it may take to complete a project. (I have only had one manicure in my life). After doing a study of the book of Ecclesiastes one summer on my own, it became evident to me that God gave me this gift for a reason. He gave me this gift to use. He gave me this gift not to hide under a rock but to share with others. He gave me this gift to bring joy to others.
That is why I am so happy owning my own shop. Not only do I love creating and displaying but I am finding the real joy in the customers. The customers that come in to SweetPeas for the first time and stand at the door and say “Wow, this place is adorable” There is not better joy than for someone to pick up something you have handcrafted yourself and think to themselves, “I want this to be part of my life”. A part of me then returns with them to their homes and they find somewhere in their home for a bit of me. They take my gift from God and introduce it into their home.