Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where do I begin

Being a crafter, designer, antique dealer, builder, jewelry maker, seamstress, painter, shopper, decorator, gardener, writer, mom, daughter, sister and friend is just the beginning of who I am.  From this day forward in addition to all those things I hope to be a successful blogger.  My sweet friend Teri from was kind enough to have me over to her home for tea and sweets to help me build this blog. And I appreciate that so.  Thank you so much, Teri.  To tell the truth, I came into this fighting tooth and nail because I already have so much on my plate.  But Friends and Technology keep telling me that this is something I need to do for my business and for myself.  I have just begun writing short (very Short) stories and really enjoy it.  I have a story to tell and look forward to sharing my story with my blogger friends.  I hope to share my creative side, my spiritual side, my joyful side and my business side along with a few others.  I want to share the gifts that God has given me and hope to do that here on my blog.  So, with that goes

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  1. You are so welcome Tracy! I am so excited for you to begin this journey. I would love to hear more about your story writing.