Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Find the Joy in you

I might not be the most beautiful or the sexiest...Nor have the perfect body...I might not be anyone's first choice...but I am a Great choice...I don't pretend to be someone else...cause I am too good at being me...I might not be proud of some things I've done...but I am proud of who I am today...Take me as I am or don...'t take me at all...COPY AND REPOST IF YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE BEING YOU!!


How many of you have ever had a bird build it's nest right at your front door? It always amazes me that that little creature has searched the area, she has probably made an assessment of other places and has found your front door area to be the best spot to "raise a family". Years ago, I had a nice big bird feeder standing on a pole right outside of our breakfast window. My daughters and I watched in amazement as a robin spent a couple or more days fashioning the most adorable nest on our bird feeder. It was one of those feeders with the food all stored in the middle and a sort of wrap around porch for the food to spill out on. Well, that robin spent alot of time scaring off the other birds as she brought in all the materials for her new home. Our favorite part of the building of the nest was after she had woven a beak full of straw and sticks into the nest. She would then sit inside the nest and press down the materials with her body. She would spend much time with that little tail high in the air as she pressed and smoothed and made sure that that nest would be prefect for the family she was planning. We watched as she sat on her little eggs so loyally. Hardly every leaving those little blue eggs. When the baby birds emerged we watched in awe as she fed each one and kept their nest clean. We were observing one morning when she had left the nest to get food for her precious cargo. One of the little chicks was evidently feeling adventurous and stepped out of the nest. He was half around the wrap around porch when Mom came home with his lunch. What we witnessed has ever been ingrained into my and my children's minds. That mother Robin "gave that little chick the NEWS". All the squawking and goings on! It was quite comical but also a lesson to me and my kids. Moms have a big responsibility to their families. This mother Robin put on quite a display making sure that baby knew what he had done wrong and who was in charge. The amazing thing is that I never saw that baby leave the nest again. Then one morning they were just all gone. I saved that little nest as a reminder to me.

It is a reminder that the home is worth what you put into it. No matter how large or how small. Each home is there to show love and security to those we raise. There are hard times and thank goodness alot of wonderful times. Nevertheless, our homes are precious. As we decorate our homes to make them our own little paradise I hope that you will remember Shabby Lane Antiques for maybe somewhere to go and find some piece of heaven to take back to your little nest.